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     Based on more than fifteen years' manufacturing experience in moulds and plastic products, MAKON dedicates to the quality products and perfect service. As a professional OEM supplier, our growth is closely related to customers' success.  The major goal of our team is to assure our customers that we will assist them to compete effectively in the global market place.
    We receive orders from Europe and America, mainly because of our quality service and efficient management. We take pride in providing our customers with high quality plastic products and moulds we specialize in.
    MAKON has a good reputation and successful record of providing good design, model shaping, mould processing, manufacturing and sales service. We help customers to translate their ideas into real products.  Our team is dedicated and efficient in the quality management, checking each order we have from the client's perspective. Our sales department in particular, has an effective communication with different customers. Any requests from our customers are replied within 24 hours.
    Today, MAKON in Ningbo, China occupies a large area of over 30,000 square meters as its production base. Integrated facilities, such as advanced moulding machines as well as over 30 plastic manufacture equipment, are producing creative products. Apart from certificates like ISO9001 and ISO14000 we have, MAKON is in pursuit of acknowledgement and honor in the industry.
    Welcome to MAKON, a world where you can sense novel ideas, high technology, professional service. We do hope MAKON becomes your trusted partner in achieving your success!