Company profile


Status quo:
    As a Chinese manufacturer, MAKON mainly provides customers with injection mould, plastic products and related business service. We hold our strong suit in the following areas: automobile parts, electrical products, household goods and engineering accessories.


    MAKON holds a head office in Hangzhou and a production base in Ningbo. Our head office, two hours drive from Shanghai Airport, mainly deals with the customer reception and order management. And the production base, one hour drive from Ningbo Port, which covers a large area of over 33000 square meters, holds various kinds of advanced molding machines as well as plastic manufacture equipment. At present, we have more than 270 employees in our company.


    In the future, also we will continue our devotion and excellent service to our customers.



1991-- Threshold of the mould and plastic production by primary members.

1999-- Foundation of HAI-BING PLASTIC&MOULD FACTORY and cooperation of the stockowners.

2002-- Foundation of SUNHIGH PLASTIC INDUSTRIES COMPANY. Construction of the new workshop as the future   production base and the commencement of the commerce service to customers.

2007-- Foundation of MAKON INDUSTRY COMPANY. Intergradations of resources of SUNHIGH as well as its partners and formation of a integrated financial and order management.