Trading Service

    In the past, clients called for our help in the purchase of machines, metals, gifts, packing and some other kind of products produced in China. Due to MAKON's particular system of high quality management, along with our thorough understanding of China's manufacturing, most of our efforts were highly evaluated by the clients.


     MAKON will match the right suppliers to the clients' particular requests for quality, price and delivery date. Our main consideration in the selection of a supplier is the quality of the management followed by hardware and environmental conditions.


     MAKON Quality Control personnel check the product at least once and frequently more than once to ensure an quality product.  MAKON Order Track System is updated every week and the clients can see over the recent development. 

     In addition, the convenience of the nearby port, conditions permitted, the finished products will be delivered in batches to our factory for a final inspection.


      At present, MAKON has more than 50 cooperative associates distributing in different manufacturing fields. In 2006, the value of the trading service exceeded the total value as much as 20%.


       You are welcome to experience the trading service in MAKON!